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DUI Law Updates

The attorneys at M.P. Kelly Law pride themselves on knowing the latest in DUI Law. This includes the latest information on the constitutionality of stops and the competence of chemical evidence. It may seem like you have no defense. But at

M. P. Kelly Law we will show you the latest technical defenses that are available.



Criminal Defense

If you are charged with a criminal offense, you need legal representation right away. The attorneys at M.P.Kelly Law aim to be as professionally aggressive as possible to either put the client in a position to be acquitted at trial or take a beneficial plea offer.


Asleep in Car DUI

Were you arrested for DUI while you were sleeping in your car? You can be acquitted of the charge even if you had the keys in t ignition. The Commonwealth can not just use the fact that the car was on, without more to prove you guilty of DUI.



Car Accident DUI

Were you arrested for DUI after you had a car accident? The Commonwealth has to prove you were driving within two hours of having certain blood alcohol levels. If you hit a tree or a parked car they have to prove that you were not sitting there for a long time and that you did not drink after the accident.

Chemical Testing Issues

There are many things that can go wrong when your blood is tested. Air or foreign matter can enter the tube and actually ferment. That is just one example. Call today and I will be happy to explain to you what we look for to exclude chemical evidence. Blood and breath tests both can be excluded if conducted improperly.




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